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Chris Scott, Director, & Chuck on set in "The Way Of The Gun"

"The Enforcer" with Clint Eastwood. Chuck was the bouncer in the whorehouse.*

Chuck & James Caan in "The Way Of The Gun" made 9/99

More on the set of "The Way of The Gun"

They are all Bad guys & Chuck "dies" again!

Chuck & Gary Paul, Stunt Coordinator on"The Way Of The Gun"

Chuck & Stunt Double for James Caan

Chuck & Jim Wilky, Actor-Stuntman

"Way of the Gun"

Arby's Commercial 8/28/01

Chuck with Kid Chissell (a real bare-fist fighter in his younger days) in "Gallager" *

Bobbie Blake & Chuck at

2000 Golden Boot Awards

Robert Stack & Chuck at the 2000 Golden Boot Awards-

(They were in The Original "Untouchables")

Chuck & Robert Fuller

Chuck, Kaye, Morgan Woodward

at the Pre-Party for The Golden Boot Awards 2000

Chuck & L.Q. Jones on "Undercover Marshalls" - Sept. of 2000

(I know it looks like I spelled it wrong - thats really the way they did it.

Chuck & Nick Plantico on

"Undercover Marshalls"

Steve Hudis & Chuck - "Undercover Marshalls"

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