A few pictures I have left from my Football, Boxing and Softball days.



Eagle Rock Athletic Club vs San Pedro

Softball at 70

Program - 1945 - Cost for adults to attend was 80¢ & kids was 30¢at Gillman Stadium. Of course Burbank won!

Opening Line Up shows Chuck Hicks as #77 Left Halfback and Duffy Lewis was the coach for Burbank

Chuck, Buzz Henry - Stunt coordinator & Frank Sinatra double, ?unidentified, Johnny Indrasano (who fought 9 world champions but never held a title of any kind) and Sonny Liston on the set of "Our Man Flint".

The pictures below are from some of Chuck's first fights-if you recognize anyone-email us!

Knock Out


First Fight of Chuck "Daley's" Career. Roger Creed who stunt-doubled Bob Hope gave Chuck $50 a week to train and took a percentage of the winnings in return.

2nd. Fight - 1st Round


End of 1st. Round, opponent got a broken jaw -

Russ Clark smiling at right was Chuck's Mgr.

(He was an actor whose real name was Joe Ferry)

"1952 - Fighter of the Month" Award, receiving a gold watch

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38th. Stuntmen's Assoc. Golf Tournment

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